How to cost your SmartPolish Manicure


What's the right price to charge for your SmartPolish Gel Manicure? 

Ultimately you need to charge what you're worth but here is a quick calculation for you. 

SmartPolish 10ml Bottle = £14.95

Services per bottle = 10 to 15 full manicures (depending on nail length and coverage)

Cost price per services = £1.50 to 99p

Price charged to client = £15 to £20

And so your profit before overheads (listed below) would be between £13.50 to £19.01. Sounds good right? Then you need to think about the below...

Other things to consider when pricing your services:

- Your time (what is your hourly rate?) 

- Premises hire or rent

- Utility bills i.e. electricity and water etc.

- Petrol and car costs if you are mobile

- Equipment purchase

Here's a helpful PDF so you can write down your costs CLICK HERE.