How to deal with family & friends wanting free manicures?


What to tell family & friends who want a free manicure...

It might be tempting to say yes and give family and friends your nail services for free, but it's a slippery slope and once you've said yes once it'll be even harder to get them to pay next time. Not to mention if you've given a free manicure to one family member, another family member might expect the same! 

So, simply explain to your family and friends that you are running a business that needs to stay profitable in order for you to work. You need to be able to pay for products and supplies, plus rent and/or utility bills. 

Be ready to say a polite no, if you are prepared with an answer then you are less likely to cave in when asked. 

You can offer a small discount if you are just starting out but never give your services away for free.